Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Florist Tips on Valentine's Flowers for 2014

This year's Valentine's Day is on Friday, February 14th! 
So what's so different about this year? 
If you're planning on sending flowers to the office, think twice.
A beautiful, grand flower arrangement sent to the office on Friday will definitely impress co-workers, but will your loved one leave it in the office over the weekend?
If so, keep the following factors in mind-
  • Flowers need to be in a cool environment.  If the air conditioning system is off for the entire weekend, the flowers will wilt or age rather quickly.
  • Flowers need to be watered daily, preferably every day.

 To prevent your loved one's flowers from going quickly, take a look at our florist's tips.

Tip 1: If your goal is to impress not just your loved one, but also those at the office, ask your florist to include a carry home floral box.  These boxes are sturdy and designed to hold a vase arrangement safely when placed on a flat surface.  The best place in the car for this is the bottom of the passenger seat.

Tip 2:  If Tip 1 seems to be too much work for your loved one, opt for flowering plants.  A large, lush collection of flowering plants, such as orchids will definitely carry the "WOW" factor and endure a weekend without air conditioning and watering.  When ordering from your florist, ask for a dish garden, container garden or basket of multiple flowering plants.

Tip 3:  If it's not as important to have flowers sent to the office, have them sent to the home.  Give your florist specific instructions on where to leave the flowers and always opt for a later in the day flower delivery.

Hope these tips help make your flower shopping on Valentine's Day easier.
Happy Valentine's Day from Petal Designs, your local Boca Raton Florist!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Thanksgiving Flowers

Popular Fall Colors of 2013 -

This year we've noticed an edgy take on the traditional fall colors of earthy, bronze and gold tones.  What's emerging are fuchsia-like tones of burgundies, vibrant oranges, corals and purples with a subtle tone of blue.  With such colors at play, the flower design door is open to quite a large selection of flowers that are not in the mainstream fall flowers category.  Chrysanthemums and sunflowers are taking backstage this fall, allowing for the more favored, vibrant flowers of spring and summer. We're starting to experience samples of Thanksgiving centerpieces that include flowers once considered, "spring flowers".

Among these beauties are:
  • Irises
  • Delphiniums
  • Blue Vanda Orchids
  • Fuchia/Burgundy Stock
  • Burgundy Sumatra Lillies
  • Orange Asiatic Lillies
  • Coral Orange Roses & Orange Mokara Orchids

Will this trend make it to our Thanksgiving tables, or will most of us opt for the more traditional tones and flowers?  As cutting edge as I am, I find Thanksgiving to be a sentimental holiday.  A centerpiece without the earthy tones of bronze & the gold of sunflowers would be like Christmas without a Christmas tree.  I will definitely opt for traditional this Thanksgiving Holiday.  By December, we'll find out how welcomed these new colors were in homes across the country.  I'll keep you posted.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Design Trends for Winter 2011

The Go Green Table

This year is the year of the boldest artistic show on dinner tables.  It’s the year of limited budget, which means more artistic power to make a tasteful presentation at the grand family table.

So how do you go about accomplishing this extraordinary task of talent…
Don’t worry, it’s quick, easy and refreshing.

My answer is GO GREEN!!!!

Yes, GREEN.  This is the year that greenery should be showcased for it beauty, richness in tones, textures and most of all, it’s abundance.

Greenery – referring to leaves, foliages, ferns, grass, ivy, moss, vines etc. are often overlooked and tucked away by designers.  These hidden gems have a great deal to offer to designer presentations.  Think lush, rich with colors and textures and let’s not forget easy on the wallet.

For a successful, Go Green design, one must be open and creative in their choice of vases.  This is where your color, other than green comes into play.  Since it’s the Holidays, and you want to bring the warmth and richness to your table of feast, select vases with rich tones and texture, such as burgundy velvet and gold.  So vases don’t always come in those tones unless you’re willing to pay the price.  Solution…get regular glass vases and dress them as you would a porcelain doll.  Wrap burgundy velvet around it or your fabric of choice.  Finish with a couture gold ribbon lace tie (similar to a French lace wrap).  Attach gems that may dazzle other items on your table. 

Cluster 5 to 6 of these on a 60” table and fill them with lush bunches of greens.  Keep each vase with a unique bunch of greens.  Don’t skimp on your greens as they are available everywhere, mostly free.  Finish your presentation with matching table linen and of course, LOTS of pillar and votive candles.  For a Victorian touch, consider introducing old candelabras or hurricane lanterns to your display.

For a more rustic-vintage look, select aged terracotta pots, tree bark covered containers, wooden crate boxes and burlap wrapped vases.

Enjoy your presentation of refreshingly lush art!!!!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Do It Yourself Vintage Wedding Flowers

Contributions from Flowers Boca Raton

This is the year of Vintage Style, do-it-yourself weddings.  Vintage wedding décor is easy on the budget, fun to put together, but requires an understanding of colours and styles.  Remember, you don’t want your Vintage style wedding to turn into an “Eclectic Circus”. This brings about the question, “What exactly defines the Vintage look?” A vintage theme evokes a sense of romanticism associated with a bygone era. Although this leaves lots of room for personal interpretation, this year we have seen two popular twists on this theme, both incorporating elements from the Victorian era:

  •    Classic, Glamorous Style reminiscent of the 1940’s
  •    Rustic Shabby Chic look with a Casual Elegance

Considering the Vintage look for your wedding on a budget?

The Casual Rustic Shabby Chic look will be your  “budget friendly” way to go.  It allows a great deal of creative flexibility with more of a personalized touch.  Below are a few tips to pull together that perfect “Casual Vintage” look.


When used in combination, both rustic-casual and aged-refine containers pair well for a Casual Vintage look.  Grandma’s antique sterling silver vases & ice buckets, aged candelabras, thick mason jars, chunky white porcelain vases, aged wooden planters, white-washed galvanized French buckets & pitchers and old-fashion soda bottles all work in harmony for your Casual Vintage theme.


Lace tablecloths, doilies and hankies are the perfect choice of linen. For a less feminine, earthier look, consider a burlap runner.

Flower Colors

Washed out and antique colors best reflect the Vintage theme of 2011.To achieve this, focus on muted tones of soft pastels like crème, light peach, blush, and butter yellow. Consider infusing silver, frosty greenery such as dusty miller, eucalyptus leaves, olive leaves and succulents.


Vintage style floral pieces should look loose and natural, not overly arranged.  They must reflect a natural organic garden look.
  • Choose traditional English garden flowers like garden roses, hydrangeas, anenomies and ranunculus. Stay away from exotic flower types like calla lilies and orchids.
  • Consider clustering a bunch of dainty field flowers, like baby’s breath for added romantic softness
  • Combine bunches of blueberries, ivy and vines with your flowers for an organic, earthy freshness. 
  • A vase of fresh herbs, such as rosemary would compliment this look very well. 
  • Don't shy away from introducing mini pots of flowering plants to your tablescape. To keep in theme, the pots can be wrapped in burlap fabric or lace.
  • Cluster a single flower type in your larger vases.
  • For your smaller vases, such as old soda bottles, a single stem of flower with a sprig of ivy would be ideal.
  • Wrap ivy around the stems of candelabras for a fresh garden look.
  •  Combine multiple centerpieces (vases) on a single table.

 Complete your Vintage look with lots of candle lighting!!!  The more the better!!!


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Friday, October 2, 2009

The Often Overlooked Culinary Flowers

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I was absolutely horrified when I saw a beautiful culinary display at my last wedding. I thought the décor by the caterers was absolutely perfect, but at a closer glance I realized how flawed perfection was. To my dismay, the beautiful flowers used to decorate the culinary display were stems of oleander flowers and leaves. For those not familiar with oleander, it is common to Florida’s landscape and also one of the most poisonous plants in the world. Almost all parts of the plant are poisons, especially the sap. This can be fatal to children and have adverse effects in adults.

Although some caterers purchase in advance the flowers and greenery to accent their culinary displays, most rely on other sources…. the natural surroundings, the florist or the centerpieces. Yes, the CENTERPIECES!!! I’ve seen caterers remove flowers from the centerpieces to decorate their culinary display. Their justification…it’s just a few flowers, but to your guests and the rest of us, it’s holes in your floral arrangements. It happens more times than I can keep count of.

My suggestion is to ask your caterer what flowers will be used to dress their trays and culinary display. If you’re not confident with their answer, have your florist provide those greenery and flowers.

Contributions byFlowers Boca Raton  21090 St. Andrews Blvd. Boca Raton, FL 33433 561-391-5394